About from Vintage to Vogue

A simple approach to dressing well. Fuss free fashion

All the pieces in the FVTV collection are made by me.

The designs are rooted in comfort and simplicity allowing for the customer to wear them with an individual creativity and style. Fuss free dressing !

I use vintage, deadstock and end of roll fabrics along with supporting local independent fabric suppliers. Nothing goes to waste and fabric remnants are used up, or donated to local sewing groups.

Wherever possible I will choose the most sustainable options. This may not be the easiest path but i believe it is the best path.

FVTV is a not for profit, social enterprise. I do not pay myself a wage and 100% of profits are donated to charitable causes.

When buying FVTV you can be confident in who made your piece, and regardless of what you buy, that it was produced with quality of design and make as a core value.

I firmly believe that fashion can and should be a force for bringing people together, a force for good.

Thank you for supporting my modest venture.