Buy Second Hand But Grand

Charitable, Sustainable, Affordable

These were my primary goals when establishing this venture. To have a clearly defined purpose and be driven by it.

Firstly, it is a practical way of rehoming the many donations received by the charity I volunteer with and raising much needed income. Secondly it gives these pieces a new life saving even more items being relegated to landfill when they are still wearable, often brand new but never worn. Thirdly I wanted to make things appealing and affordable. To encourage people to look at second hand as a viable alternative to high street and fast fashion.

To this end, I hold weekly sales on Instagram @second_hand_but_grand. There are themes to the sales and I style the pieces to show how they can be worn.

When asked to give a name to what I do, I say that I am a ‘Second hand Fashion Facilitator’ which I thing sums it up nicely .

Second Hand But Grand