Justine Tabak

Jun 11, 2020 | For the common good

Please let me begin by saying that before I discovered this lady I had not worn a dress in years. No, not even for weddings and I believed that my dress wearing days were well and truly behind me.

It was only when I began my search for small independent brands, and especially those who were ‘giving back’ in some way that I discovered Justine. I feel that we are on first name terms as I have spoken to her a few times and I can tell you she is as lovely as her dresses.

Justine Tabak orange dress

After a career working for such fashion luminaries as Laura Ashley, Boden and LK Bennet, Justine started her own brand in 2016. Although she does design and manufacture trousers and skirts and collaborates on knit wear I am sure that she would not mind me saying that the dresses are the jewels in her crown.

In her own words they are ‘thoughtfully sourced, beautifully made and styled for keeps’. I could not have put it better myself.

The fabrics are mainly deadstock and this means there are limited runs of each print. The linen is sourced in Ireland, the microcord in Lancashire and the lace in Nottingham. All the designs are then made up in three UK workshops with two being in London and one in Great Yarmouth. Justine has stated that she is passionate about what Britain has to offer and follows up with that belief by ensuring every step in the production of her collection takes place here in Britain.

Ok, I now have to fess up that I own five of these fabulous dresses. They are a joy to wear and never fail to attract interest and positive comments. They pack well and can be dressed up or down. I have even been ten pin bowling in one!

There is not much more I can say other than to encourage you to pop over to her website and be prepared to be very, very tempted.