Never to old!

Aug 9, 2020 | Hanging on by a thread

When I first began thinking about FVTV I had a serious concern, well to be honest I had a few but we will not go into those here. No, what I was worried about was would I be taken seriously because of my age? Would people just think my designs/clothes would be ‘nelly’ [ in our house the worst insult] and that my blog would just be the ramblings of some batty old biddy?

Now I do not worry about my age [ I can worry about way more other things thank you very much].

I am waiting with relish for the day my hair turns a lovely silver colour or white all over. Until then I have my ‘badger stripe’ which I love. I am far more adventurous with style, clothes and colour than I ever was in my 40/50’s and I wear my flat shoes with panache and the secret knowledge that I will never have to hobble round in crippling shoes again.

Whatever your age, your style should be as individual as you are but at you get older there is less peer pressure to conform to what is ‘the look of the moment’. There are as many ‘looks’ as there are people and what I choose to wear is different to my peers and vice versa. We accept each fashion choice as an extension of who we are and our lives.

What is interesting though is what ‘younger’ people perceive you should be wearing when you reach a certain age. That the youth led fashion magazines and social media still put older fashion into a very specific box. Usually a ‘mum and daughter’ shoot. Or at best an article on an ‘older’ model or celebrity. Someone described as ‘stylish for their age’.

In these posts I want to tell you stories about the fashion life of a 60+. Someone who does not want to be pigeon holed by the fashion world, and someone who is certainly not wearing ‘nelly’ clothes.

So, what about my ageism concern in relation to FVTV?

Well, obviously as you are reading this you have realised that I powered through my doubts. Thanks in part to good friends who told me not to be so daft and get on with it. Yorkshire folk do not mince their words!

Age has given me the freedom and experiences to write my stories. It has given me the ability to start new things, meet new people and be more creative.

Age is great, well apart from the …… no, now that would be too much information!