Vintage… find it, wear it, love it.

Jun 15, 2020 | Vintage - find it, wear it, love it

I love vintage because it appeals to my heart. All the stories woven into the threads from who made it, to who wore it and for what event. However, it also appeals to my head as not only is it an alternative to the current fast fashion and homogenous style of the high street but also to my desire for an individual style.

Designers have always used the past for inspiration and constantly reference vintage looks in their collections. Chanel and Dior look back to the classic designs of their founders and reinterpret them for today.

Even that doyen of the high street, Primark, some years back produced some brilliant 50’s inspired prints which even fooled one expert I know.

As vintage has become more popular it has become easier to find. By the way, I am defining vintage as roughly 1920’s to end of the 1980’s although I do know the 1990’s is now being considered vintage as well.

From high end boutiques with exquisite designs to the kilo sales of massed produced there is vintage available for every age, taste and budget. Throw into the mix the internet and the availability and choices are huge.

For those who do not want the identikit style of the high street vintage allows access to a more individual look. You can choose to wear as much or as little as you like, mixing it in with your existing wardrobe or wearing head to toe.

I collected and sold vintage clothing and accessories for many years selling at specialist fairs all around the U.K. I now use vintage textiles as much as possible in my own designs both for its ‘heart’ appeal but because I know that I am saving yet more textiles going to landfill.

In these posts I will delve into the world of vintage. Finding it, wearing it and loving it with a bit of the history of fashion thrown in …please let me indulge my passion!